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Are you struggling with QuickBooks or bookkeeping in general? Would you feel a million times better if you knew a professional was handling your business finances, minding the little details, and keeping the "boring" side of business off your plate?

At our bookkeeping firm, we do business by the book, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that you are in full control of your money and your success.

"I don't like dealing with money."


(You're our kind of person.)

Goodbye, stress.

If you're managing your books via spreadsheets or notebooks, you are exactly who we want to help.

We'll take your bookkeeping from scattered to simplified by moving you to QuickBooks Online, where we will expertly reconcile statements from your business bank accounts, credit cards, and more.

We believe in empowering solopreneurs & small business owners with the freedom to stop stressing over their bookkeeping and to start focusing more on their God-given talents.


Sherry and the team at Business by the Book have helped my business so much! I hate dealing with financial things and honestly am not very good at it.

Sherry fixed my Quickbooks account, got me up to speed, and continues to manage every little financial detail of my business bookkeeping. My financial stress is gone! I don’t know why I waited so long to hire her.
— Kate of Socialite LLC
I have a retail shop with four revenue streams, and Sherry handles all of them with ease. She has saved me time and money by ensuring that everything is entered correctly and by catching errors when I’m billed incorrectly.

Her knowledge, honesty and talent is beyond what I can put into words. I HIGHLY recommend Sherry Wilson to any business owner!
— Amy Ferrer of Miko & Boone LLC
As our new practice was growing, we decided we needed to reach out to someone with expertise in handling small business financials and payroll because it began to be overwhelming keeping up with it in-house.

We couldn’t be happier with Sherry Wilson and her team. It was a very simple transition and it is a huge load off of our shoulders to make sure everything is up to date and completed correctly. We would recommend her to anyone!
— Bri Daniels of Hiser Orthodontics LLC
Sherry Wilson goes above and beyond professionalism. She truly cares about her clients as individuals and the success of their organization. She is always making sure everything is done correctly, timely, and efficiently.

She has led us through an enormous transition in our financial system and we have great confidence moving forward. I cannot speak highly enough of her skills and heart.
— Kimberly Scales of Flood Student Community Missions
All it took is one meeting with my accountant to realize Sherry and her team had completely transformed my business! Sherry has removed the guesswork from my bookkeeping so I always know where my business stands.

I am no longer worried about whether or not I’m processing my taxes correctly. I love receiving my monthly reports and seeing exactly where every penny was spent, earned, and collected thus far. I can confidently run my business now, knowing I’m in great hands!
— Britt Turner of Britt Bass Turner LLC

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