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Do i already need to have a quickbooks online account?

No, we can help you set up a QuickBooks Online account.

do you work with quickbooks desktop?

No, we do not work with QuickBooks Desktop, but we can help you transition your account to a QuickBooks Online account.

Will business by the book do my taxes?

While Business by the Book does not  file year-end taxes, we are happy to prepare the reports that your CPA needs. If you are looking for a new CPA, we can recommend some that we have great partnerships with .

do you serve businesses with under 100K in annual revenue?

Absolutely! We love working with businesses of all sizes

What type of businesses do you serve?

Business by the Book works with businesses of all different shapes and sizes, but a majority of our clients fall into these categories:

  • Professional Services - Interior Designers, Wedding Planners/Florists

  • Health & Wellness - Dentists, Orthodontists, Med-Spas, Salons

  • Non-Profits

  • Retail

you don’t live near me. how does a virtual bookkeeper work?

The internet and cloud technology has made it easier than ever to work together virtually. We can share information with the click of a button and we pride ourselves at being very accessible to our clients. We want you to feel like we are an extension of your team.

do you have experience with the integration of Quickbooks online and project management systems or point of sale systems?

Yes. We have interior design clients that use IVY, MyDoma, and DesignerLogic. We also have experience working with Clover, ShopKeep, Salon Iris, Vagaro, JackRabbit, Poynt, and others.

who will be doing my books?

When you initially come on as a client, you will work with our client on-boarding specialist for one to three months. Towards the end of that time, one of our Account Managers will join your team and eventually you will be transferred completely to the Account Manager with oversight and review by a Senior Account Manager.

my books are a mess! do they need to be clean before i hand them over to business by the book?

No way! We will include retroactive/clean-up bookkeeping as part of our scope of work estimate.  

do you help with invoicing?

Business by the Book offers Accounts Receivable services, but we do not send any invoices to your clients unless it is explicitly directed. This service is not included in the base package, so if you need assistance with your invoicing, please be sure to mention it to the Client On-boarding Specialist.

do you offer bill pay services?

Business by the Book offers Accounts Payable services, but this service is not included in the base package. If you need assistance with your accounts payable, please be sure to mention it to the Client On-boarding Specialist.

Do you offer sales tax services?

Yes, Business by the Book will help you track the sales tax you collect, file your sales tax report, and set up remittance to your state. Business by the Book does not offer this service to clients living in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, or Louisiana.

DO YOU OFFER payroll services?

Yes, Business by the Book offers payroll services.